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It happened to one of us…a fellow blogger. Just like you.

It’s was 2:00 am at night

Birds chirped,
Lovers held hands and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes,
There’s Sandy in faraway land,
Tossing and turning because she couldn’t sleep.

She looked at her husband who was fast asleep,
How does he always manage to sleep so soundly? She asked herself.

Then she got up and made herself a cup of coffee.
“Maybe I should do something productive”, she thought.

Then she pulled out her draft-book and tablet.
And started working on that blog post she’d been postponing for ages.
Surprisingly, the words flowed, she wrote and wrote and continued writing.

Pouring her heart and soul and every bit of emotion…
Finally she finished the piece.
And hit ‘publish’ on her blog.
‘My readers are gonna love me for this’, she thought.

It was heart centered.
A masterpiece. One of the best she’s written in a while.
But then, hours rolled by and days passed.

Ding! Dong!

It was like nobody cared.

Except maybe… her grandmother.
Who has made it a rule to read every blog post her ‘little baby’ writes…..

She was devastated! “how come I don’t always get it right?” she asked herself.

She found herself envying other successful bloggers…and ultimately thought she wasn’t good enough.

Does this sound like you?

I mean, haven’t we all been there?
Or maybe you’re still there…if not you can leave now.
If so, you already know the feeling. It’s the worst feeling in the whole world.

It’s like nobody cares about your little but lovely blog.
Full of mind blowing ideas, that (maybe) may change the world, no matter how little.

You even approached the so called ‘big names’…
But… was dealt with a blow to your ego. They’re much too busy with their lives.

Honey, here’s what no one ever told you when you started blogging.

Blogging can get so freaking hard!


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